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Fire Resistant Housing

June 28, 2016

Conquest Manufacturing has from its beginnings focused on safety and flexibility in its builds.  It is very important that we are meeting our customers needs with the most appropriate homes; from solar powered considerations complete with high efficiency appliances, to fire retardant materials for build in remote or heavily treed areas.

In light of the recent devastation in Fort McMurray AB,  Mike Holmes, HGTV’s home improvement guru stressed to the residents that the keys to a successfully rebuild of the city lay in “safety, quality control and patience”.  In the same way, McMurray’s fire chief Darby Allen noted that residents should be building with conscious materials that will prevent fire from spreading. We could not agree more!

It is important as a home owner to be asking the right questions, to be conscious of the area you are building in, and prepare for that environment.  Conquest homes has been fortunate to partner with and the government to build homes that are required to be built with fire retardant materials, private projects that are solar prepared for off-the-grid living, and all of these builds are quality controlled in-house.

Whether you’re in the position that many find themselves in AB, are building a cottage, or are in a remote area, having a controlled build, with at team that is conscious of you needs is key. Regardless of who you’re building with, ask the right questions to ensure that you are looked after from start to finish.

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