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Custom RTM’s For Best Buy Homes

June 21, 2016

Best_Buy_Homes_8' Walls

For many years, Conquest Manufacturing has focused on our own work, and made connections with our own customers.  In 2015, we were approached by Best Buy Homes, asking if we would consider building RTM’s for them and their customers.  They have primarily offered mobile homes, but continued to get requests for RTM homes, which they could not provide.  Best Buy Homes now offers custom built RTM homes, to their customers, expanding their market.  Best Buy Homes customers still deal directly with Best Buy sales reps, who then contact Conquest Manufacturing, to work out the details of the home design and build.

As with any Conquest project, the home is designed to fit the customers needs.  The home is built inside the Conquest factory, and delivered to site, completely finished.

This is a fantastic fit for both Best Buy Homes and Conquest Manufacturing.  It allows Best Buy Homes to offer RTM homes, which they have not been able to do, in the past.  It gives Conquest Manufacturing a much wider sales base, as Best Buy Homes has sixteen sales lots throughout Western Canada.