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We want to let you know how wonderful your building crew has been over the past six weeks.  They are all so pleasant, polite, and committed to excellence in every task they are assigned.  We couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to build our new home!


My home burned in the spring of 2015 and I had to choose who was going to rebuild.  When I saw the quality of workmanship at Conquest, I decided on the spot! They have a wonderful team of talented and caring people who take so much pride in doing a perfect job. I received regular progress updates and pictures and was encouraged to visit anytime during the build. Thank you all so much! I absolutely LOVE my new home!


When I engaged Conquest Manufacturing to build my “retirement” workshop I had no idea how pleased I would be with that decision by the time it was finished. The timing was right for us and them so Conquest was able to give full attention to this project, and – true to their word – the shop was finished within a month. Unbelievable! Since they did most of the construction on site, I was able to watch the process unfold. And it seemed that every time I turned around I observed Conquest going a step farther than I had expected. Always, they consulted me about what I wanted, and then they built it even better than I expected. For a whole month I felt like I had a whole team of experts working together on my behalf. My neighbor remarked the other day that he thought I was getting a workshop built, but that I ended up with a palace! We have no regrets about going with Conquest.

Montrose Crescent

“We just can’t say enough good things about how well our home is constructed and fitted out with features.   So we would like to say THANK YOU for the job you do… You don’t just make houses… You make HOMES.  All of you have made a couple of regular working people very happy.”


“It will photo like a million bucks …. we are stunned living in the space!!  All are blown away with the house …. blown away!!!!”

Pelican Beach House

“We had been interested in modular homes, for quite some time, and heard that there was a modular home builder in Altona, which is not that far from Winnipeg. We planned a visit, and immediately felt very welcome in their office. We knew, very quickly, that this was the company we wanted building our dream home. When we think about Conquest, we think about: quality, good craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, honesty, reliability, attention to detail and one-stop shop. They were responsive to our requests and were open with sharing ideas that might make our project even better.”

glendale exterior

“There literally are no words to describe how excited we are….both, of the building we all put together over the last year, and also the entire process we have enjoyed sharing with all of you in this project.  This is a real feat and something that Conquest should be proud of.  We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together with all of you.  All of you at Conquest have really made this such an enjoyable process.”

Lake Of The Woods Cottage

“I love our new cabin and it is truly my happy place. I often stand at command central (the kitchen sink) and see everything around me, and just love it! Thank you for making it perfect.”

Tallgrass Lane

“Conquest has got a super nice crew of guys! I really like their friendliness and willingness to answer questions. I wanted to learn about the process of constructing my house, and I have learned so much! I have taken other contractors through the house and basement to “show off” Conquest workmanship, and they are impressed.
Conquest provided regular updates, during the construction process, which I really appreciated. I’ve said so many times, you have made this journey an amazing one! Thank you again!”