Custom Homes in North Dakota

Custom Homes in North Dakota

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to save up to 40% on your next home.

For decades, Conquest has been providing North Dakota with quality homes. Our team is experienced with the building certifications and standards that need to be met while designing and building a home in North Dakota. With the ever-changing US and CAD currency, there is now a unique opportunity for you to experience significant savings on your next custom home in North Dakota.

Experience the benefits of a modular home in North Dakota from Conquest

Modular construction is built no different from a traditional site built home when it comes to designs, building code requirements, materials available and building standards. All of our homes meet and exceed all national building codes and energy requirements. Modular units can even be designed to match the external aesthetics of an existing building and other modular units.

Modular and RTM Construction Schedule

Modular and RTM Construction Schedule

Traditional Site Build Schedule

Site Build Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

How does sales tax apply?
Each state and county has their own tax which the client is responsible for filing accordingly.

Who is responsible for the foundation?
With every Conquest home, we provide a full set of foundation drawings for you to supply to your local contractor and you would be responsible for supply and install of the foundation.

What about freight?
Conquest arranges all aspects of freight direct to your property.

What size can you deliver?
We can deliver up to a maximum of 34′ wide and 120′ in length. Typical height restrictions are 16′ or lower. We are able to exceed 16′, however we will have to involve local power companies to assist in the move.

What is left to be done once the home arrives?
Once your home arrives on site, the following items are left to have a 100% finished home:
• Rough in the ground plumbing
• Pour the basement floor
• Build & install stairs
• Install the heating system
• Install the electrical service to the panel (provided)
• Finish the plumbing system below joist level, install septic & water services