Why Conquest?

About Us

1. Experience

Conquest is a 100% Canadian company that has been an industry leader in Design Built homes and modular construction, using a pre-fabricating process, since 1956. Family owned and operated for all of those years, current leadership consists of 3rd and 4th generation family members.

2. Stability and Confidence

Conquest is a vibrant, progressive company experiencing controlled and steady growth. Strategy for business is clearly long term to be here for you in the future. Over 2/3 of the staff at Conquest have been with the Company for more than five years! This translates into a high quality home for you.

3. Choice

Conquest is a Design Builder. Working together, you are able to have direct input into the features and finish of your home. We deliver more design and décor choices than any other builder. Finishing detail and quality stand head and shoulders above other builders.

4. Lead Time

Modules are built inside our 35,000 square foot climate controlled factory and therefore weather delays are not a factor. At the time of your order we provide you with an accurate production schedule that enables you to plan your move into your new home.

5. Quality is Standard

The Conquest standard in quality goes beyond what other builders offer. We build to the CSA A277 building code and ensure that our staff follow our quality guidelines at all times. We go above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their product. Our products are also certified by the ISO 9001 quality system.

6. Warranty and Service

Conquest offers the following Warranty for your protection and confidence:

  • 1 year limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on the fit and finish of your home
  • 10 Year limited Structural Warranty
  • Our homes also carry the New Home Warranty Program of Manitoba

7. Energy Efficiency

Conquest’s combination of high insulation values, superior vapor barrier integrity, quality assured construction methods and the use of high efficient heating systems result in a modular home that is 30% more efficient than the Model Energy Code and many of our competitor’s homes.

8. Appearance

Conquest knows that a home is more than just a functional building. We take pride in the appearance of your home. Attention to detail is given to every finish. Careful exterior design and construction come together to cause every Conquest home to slow traffic.

9. Healthy Environment

Conquest’s building methods combined with dry materials and humidity control equipment results in a living environment that is health and free of mold. Conquest proactively seeks to use “Green” building products with your family’s health in mind.

10. Value

Conquest offers excellent service, quality and convenience at a fair price, and we are always on budget, Guaranteed!

Conquest Manufacturing is a family owned and operated company. We take great pride in producing and delivering the best quality product of its kind in the marketplace. Your satisfaction and comfort are a wonderful reward!