What makes Conquest unique?

Conquest builds well-designed, quality homes and commercial buildings designed to fit the lifestyle of our clients, and optimize the use of their property. Conquest’s works with our clients to optimize the advantages of modular buildings with extremely functional, with flexible, open, expandable floor plans that adapt to the changing lifestyle living needs of our clients. Conquest will work with our clients to minimize the amount of energy, water, and non-renewable resources that are used to build and operate. Because Conquest-built projects are prefabricated, we’re able to build to a far higher quality level, much faster, and with less waste than similar site-builders.

How much does it cost to build with Conquest and how long does it take to deliver a project?

Pricing of a Conquest-Built project varies greatly, based on the scope of work, quality of finishes, and complexity of the design. These costs, however, are completely in line with equivellant site-builders, but with one primary difference: Conquest is able to provide a complete price up-front, before starting any construction. Once an agreement has been signed, a complete home, for example, can be completed in three to six months, depending on the scope of work and your site.

Where is my project built?

Our fabrication plant is located in Altona, Manitoba.

Will you deliver/install on my property?

Yes! We deliver and install all of our projects across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories. The only place we cannot install is in the United States Of America. But we can ship there.